The Travel Bug: Signs and Symptoms.

The Travel Bug: Signs and Symptons.

So, you’ve returned home from that once in a lifetime trip and can’t stop telling all your friends and anyone who will listen all about it, the trip that changed your life, the best thing you ever did. What if you’ve caught the travel bug from your trip? Here’s some of the tell tail signs that you’ve got it and you’ve got it bad.

Causes: Excessive travel and experience of new cultures.


The ever lingering holiday blues.

We’ve all experienced the holiday blues before, that moment when you come crashing back to reality with an almighty thud! Before you know it, you’re replacing your flip-flops for the work shoes and cocktails for coffees, extra strong coffees! But, when those feelings of longing and yearning don’t slowly subside as you all too quickly fall back into your tedious routines, you know you’ve got the bug and who could blame you? You’ve seen and experienced things you thought you would only ever see in your dreams, you’ve been humbled by people far less fortunate than yourselves and you’ve met people from all walks of life and all corners of the Earth. How could you not feel a little glum and deflated returning to the all too familiar, the rat race as we know it!

A new found sense of self.

After being completely launched out of your comfort zone and landing in a country that is almost alien to you, surrounded by people you have never met before and where English isn’t the first language can leave you feeling vulnerable. Most of you will thrive on it, your past did not come with you in that backpack and you were judged on who you were right there and then. The new found freedom is liberating, you had the chance to re-create yourself, find what makes you happy, what makes you sad and what scares the living shit out of you! A new perspective on life and yourself can leave you struggling to fit back in to your old life, it feels boring and restricted as you start the process of reverse culture shock.

A hunger for far places.

It’s the itchy feet stage. Suddenly you find yourself obsessing over travel, out come those world maps and drawing pins as you map out your adventures, compile your bucket list and tick off your achievements. You’ve already started planning your next trip before you’ve even returned from another, however big or small they may be. There is an ever mounting pile of Lonely Planet books in the corner of your room just screaming to be read and your internet searches for new countries are blocking up your history list. An unfulfillable desire to venture into the unknown takes over your life filling your imagination with all the exciting adventures you may embark on.

Loss of interest in material things.

Be it the latest edition of the Iphone or a gorgeous designer bag hanging in the shop window, the window you just bypassed as you made a beeline straight for the flight discounts in STA travel, you have no interest, none whatsoever. Even those expensive shoes and dresses your friends are obsessing over for tonight’s antics don’t entice you, after all you’ve learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Plus, buying your outfit from Primark means you have more money to spend on the next trip right? Then there’s the mortgages, all your friends of similar age have worked their arses off over the last three years saving for house deposits and proudly uploading the pictures of their keys to their first home on Facebook and Instagram. For you however, the mere thought of a mortgage makes you feel trapped and rooted and anyway you’re too busy blowing all your cash on bungee jumps and skydives to worry about that. While others might call you ‘tight’, to you, life becomes about so much more and making memories, not money, is important to you.


You could have traveled the world twice over and it wouldn’t be enough. You are addicted to rush and excitement that pumps through your veins, the spontaneity and adventure, the new and the unknown, the smells and the tastes that drive you into sensory overload. Being high on life is what you crave.

Treatment: Travel, travel, travel! The Travel Bug is medication resistant and once you’ve caught it, it’s likely it’s here to stay. Finding ways to incorporate travel into your life is important and should help take the edge off its symptoms. It doesn’t have to be a yearlong trip all over the world, it could be a weekend here and there in a new town or city. But it’s important you make time for it.

So now you know, you’ve got it bad!


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