15 things guaranteed to happen at every full moon party…

If only waves could talk.

As one of the most famous beach parties in the world, packed to the shore line with party goers and  makeshift dance stages, Haad Rid beach in Thailand sure has some stories to tell! However, there are few turn of events and traditions that almost every full moon goer can relate to, so for all you full moon party virgins, here’s the low down.

1  You will likely endure a journey that resembles some form of hell to get there but no overnight bus, sleeper train or night boat and no high sea storm or floods are going to keep you from partying.

2. You’ll decorate your whole body in UV paint, luminous clothing and just about any other decorative clothing item you can get your hands on… maybe a Red Indian headdress, a flower headband or a glowstick pair of sunnies?

3. You’re going to pay for a totally awesome UV paint ‘tattoo’.


4. You’ll arm yourself with a bucket of spirit and mixer, conscious or not it will remain securely hooked over your arm for the entirety of the night.

5. No matter how hard you try to keep your sensible head on, at some point in the night or early hours you will launch your glowing UV body through a flaming hoop, jump a fire skipping rope or throw yourself off a dodgy metal slide and totally land on your arse!

6. You will probably have the burns to prove it.

7. You’ll lose your flip-flops and have an array of different colours and sizes to choose from as the sun comes up.

8. Between losing your flip-flops and acquiring a nice new pair you’ll likely cut your feet open on the shore of ever mounting crap and broken bottles, possibly needing a trip to the medical centre at some point in the night.


9. Again, no matter how hard you try to resist temptation, you will find yourself scrambling up mellow mountain.

10. And you’ll have a totally ‘trippy’ time getting back down.

11. You will lose your friends, several times and find them in the strangest of places… probably bagless or taking a nap!

12. You will end up in the sea.

13. And witness at least one naked body!

14. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see the sun rising on Haad Rin beach… or maybe not because someone is always going home semi-conscious in the back of a songthaew taxi!


15. It’s going to be one of the best nights of your life, albeit a little blurry!


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