You say I’m lucky.

“Oh my god, you’re so lucky”, “I wish I could travel”. These are just two of the responses I am all so often greeted with when I share my travel stories or upload my pictures. And these are the two that frustrate me the most. Yes, I am incredibly blessed but I am far from lucky.

I was handed the same cards in life as all of my peers. I did not quit my job by luck, I did not buy a one way ticket by luck and I certainly didn’t board that plane by luck. It was through my own decisions and my sheer determination and desire to see the world that brought me the last four and a half years of adventure. The decision to hinder my career before it had even taken off, to leave behind my family and friends and head into the unknown. The decision to make sacrifices along the way to continue travelling and living in different countries, to miss my best friend’s wedding and my Nan’s funeral, were all made by me. Luck played no part in it.


The truth is, you can all travel but perhaps you just don’t want it enough and that is absolutely fine. And what I don’t want is to succumb to the status quo because the truth is, i find it suffocating. I don’t want to get stuck in a routine where i go to work every single day just to pay for a car that I use to get to work, to pay for a house that will remain in the same country, in the same town on the same street. To go to work just to pay the bills on that house so that I can remain living in once place for the rest of my life and to feel pressured into starting a family before I have done and seen everything I want to. I want to see the world, work different jobs, experience new cultures and meet people from all walks of life, be humbled and be free. Does that make me any less successful? Does it make me selfish? Or am I doing everything you wish you had done before you made other commitments?

While I get that it’s not for everyone, just remember that commitments and promises can be re-arranged or broken; sometimes you need to put your dreams first because you only get one life… one beautiful, incredible life. The decision will always be yours; no amount of luck in the world can make it for you. You absolutely CAN travel.


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