USA: Antelope Canyon- A photo Diary.

A recent trip to Page, Arizona (you can read all about Page, here) took me to a stunning slot canyon, called Upper Antelope Canyon. The colours, the texures and the rising and falling of light left me mesmerized. Take a look for yourself…

Looking back through the entrance of Upper Antelope Canyon.

It’s a bumpy ride to the entrance of Upper Antelope Canyon in the Navajo Nation which is only accessible by four wheel drive. You are instantly met with narrow passage ways of interlocking rock, rippled like the ocean waves, bright orange and red in colour with light beams dancing up the canyon walls.




 Everywhere you look is incredible, especially when you tilt your head upwards!



On the walk back through the canyon, shimmering light shafts beam through the canyon ceiling, touching the canyon floor. Local tour guides will throw sand into the air so that the light beams are more visible.

The light shaft’s, seen from late afternoon.

Late morning is one of the most popular times for a tour of Upper Antelope Canyon so that you can capture these incredible light beams, it’s clear to see what all the fuss is about!

Longer, photography tours are available to give yourself more time to picture the Canyon and the light beams but all tour guides are more than willing to help you get that perfect shot, even on your Iphone!

I hope you enjoyed the photo’s!


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