6 road laws us Brits just can’t get on with in Australia.

Australia should be a pretty easy country for anyone travelling from Britain to drive about in, mostly because they drive on the same side as us but many may agree that’s where the similarities stop. Here are 6 of the most damn right annoying Australian road laws.

You cannot parallel park against the flow of traffic.

I mean it makes sense, you can only parallel park in the direction of the traffic, but having to do a three point turn in the middle of the road to position your car in the right direction to then reverse parallel park is just time consuming and annoying. It’s pretty easy to spot the Brit who’s just landed in Australia though… parked facing the wrong way down the street with a nice little parking fine under the windscreen wiper. Welcome to Australia Mate!

You are actually instructed how to park in a parking bay.

It didn’t even occur to you when you parked your car that every other car was positioned with its rear to the curb, surely that’s just a coincidence, right!? Nope, you are actually instructed how to park your vehicle and if you ignore the sparsely located signs that say ‘rear to curb’ or ‘front to curb’ guess what!? You get a fine!

School Zones

Those perfectly timed, flashing 40KM p/h signs that just appear from nowhere and the whole city comes to standstill. Yeah, those!


How utterly terrifying is it when you find yourself sandwiched between two massive lorries (trucks, I should say) going down the motorway!? Or, when you turn your head over your right shoulder to check it’s safe to move over and turn back to find you’re suddenly up the arse of a car that’s appeared from nowhere! It’s ridiculous.

Stopping at a red light

OK, so this is most definitely the law in Britain too but there is just something about the red lights here in Australia that catch us all out, they just turn red too quickly! Once you’ve been stung by a $400+ red light ticket it makes approaching traffic lights a nervous, heavy footed affair.

Green lights

In Britain a green light means ‘go’ but in Australia there’s a catch. A Green light means go, but it also means go at the same time for pedestrians, so as you turn left or right a crowd of people stampede across the road. Then, two or three at a time, they make a mad dash across the road as the little man is flashing red, just to irritate you even more.

So, if you’ve just arrived in the land down under take notice of the above and it just might save you the stress and even a few hundred dollars!


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