5 Things I Miss About The UK – Living in Australia

There are very few things I miss from the UK now that I am living the ‘Aussie dream’ down under, where the winters and summers are warmer and it rains far less. However, the few things I do miss are worth complaining about! :p

  1. The Ad Breaks.

Now let’s face it, no one misses the ad breaks on TV! But, I do miss my half an hour TV show being interrupted by one set of TV adverts rather than the three that we have to endure in Australia! If it wasn’t for being able to pre-record TV shows, I don’t think I could bare watch any.

  1. Chocolate, Crisps and Sweets.

I miss Cadbury’s chocolate tasting like real milk chocolate, rather than like chocolate that has passed it’s sell by date! It is just not the same. I can’t even express how much I miss Galaxy and I refuse to pay $4 a bar to get my hands on it! Crisps (or chips) are so exciting in the UK and I miss everything sfrom hula hoops and squares, to twiglets, wotsits and quavers. The same goes for sweets (or lollies), there is far more variety in the UK. There is nothing I love more than receiving a box full of goodies from home!

  1. High Street Shops

Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Next, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, River Island…. PRIMARK!! I miss them all. Nothing comes close in Australia, the shops are boring and there is far less choice. If you buy cheap you really do get cheap and anything else is overpriced. Whilst one or two stores do stock Miss Selfridge for example, the stock is limited and so you can kiss goodbye to any bargains in the sales. The first and only H&M to open in Sydney is at an out of city mall, which is just inconvenient for most. I miss shopping in the UK being the ultimate retail therapy.

  1. Pub Gardens

Australia does café’s and classy bars with breathtaking views incredibly well but where it falls short is with it’s lack of good old fashioned pubs. What I miss most about the UK pubs are their fabulous gardens, a huge green open space with garden benches, umbrella’’s, Aunt Sally and a kids bouncy castle!

  1. The NHS (or parts of)

Sure, it has its issues but the three things I miss about the NHS are the capped prescriptions and dental costs and free contraception (the pill, the implant, the morning after pill, IUD etc).

Whilst I am not in any hurry to return home to the UK just yet, the above are just some of the things I find myself longing for on regular occasions!


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