Our Greatest Adventure Awaits…

On Sunday 26th September life as I knew it changed forever. I found out I was pregnant. As I stared down at the two red lines appearing on the pregnancy test on the bathroom side in disbelief I asked myself, “how is this happening, HOW THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS HAPPENING!?”. My body felt like it was going into cardiac arrest as my heart stopped beating in my chest and I found it hard to breathe. As the adrenaline left my body I began to shake… my whole body trembling. Obviously I didn’t need a birds and the bee’s lecture to how this physically happened, but I was still shocked. I had been under the impression for many years that it could be very difficult for me to conceive, for various health reasons. But nope… the proof was in the pudding, right there, those two little red lines. Dan and I… two terribly impulsive, indecisive, free spirited people leading incredibly selfish lifestyles were going to be parents! “OH MY GOD!”

Sure, we had some responsibilities, we both worked, paid rent and even had a car loan but our only real ambitions were to live our lives to the fullest and see as much of the world as we could. Once the shock that I was pregnant subsided, I found myself researching what to eat and what not to eat for the next god knows how many months of pregnancy. I worried myself sick about the amount of alcohol I had consumed prior to the test, I prayed that my first scan (a dating scan) would show a healthy growing baby, I researched financial support and I even dared to let myself think about baby names. However, the one thing that didn’t cross my mind was ‘my travelling days are over’. Whilst Dan and I had always wanted children one day, the ‘me’ before I was pregnant would have freaked out at the thought of having such a commitment and responsibility interrupt our lifestyle so soon. But the truth is, of course there are going to be destinations and activities that are off limits with a baby and financially things will be much more difficult but our greatest adventure is still yet to come…… Parenthood! And whatever crazy journey that has in store for us we will welcome it with widespread arms and a whole heap of love!

We have fought so hard to Call Australia home and gaining Citizenship is our final hurdle. How lucky will our baby be to be born an Aussie to two British parents…. Dual citizenship and the freedom to choose where they call home. Yes please! After all this little bub has gypsy blood in its veins!

It’s an unexpected turn of events but it’s exciting and a little terrifying all at the same time and that’s right up my street! Here’s to the next adventure of two tiny travelling feet…. Thank god babies fly free! 😉

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