Thailand: Why Teaching is a Work of Heart

I have written before about the wonders of teaching in Thailand and why everyone should give it a go, which you can read all about here. But, I want to share with you what it was in particular about being a Kindergarten Teacher in Thailand that warmed my heart. They say it takes a special person to teach, I say it takes some special (little) people to make you a good teacher.

Being a role model

Finding your inner child (while still being professional of course) is paramount when being a Kindergarten teacher and doing so in Thailand is no different. Finding that connection with the children helps to grow a positive teacher/student relationship based on trust. Admittedly, it’s a little easier in somewhere like Thailand, a country that isn’t yet drowning in political correctness. One thing is for certain, being up tight will get you nowhere. When you learn to let  yourself go a little you will find that rather than be judged for it you will be loved for it! There is nothing more heart warming than the rush of students to your feet every morning to greet you or the pulling on your dress from a proud student who wants to show you their work. Being looked up to by so many children who want nothing more than your approval gives you a huge sense of purpose.



Fitting in with the gang.

Any excuse for a good time!

It’s difficult not to find your inner child without a little dress up, no matter how ridiculous you look! After all being a Kindergarten Teacher is just an excuse to be a child yourself! The academic year (especially in Thailand) will bring an array of calendar events to put on a good show!

Christmas at Kindergarten
Team Yellow on Sport’s Day!
It’s definitely all about the teaching team being big kids on Children’s Day.

Becoming creative & having fun!

It’s all fun and games! Whilst the children are so young there isn’t an extensive curriculum of different subjects to teach but more a variety of topics to feed the imagination and arouse the senses. The energy of kindergarten aged children is so infectious it allows you to be creative with your teaching methods, from dancing and singing, getting messy with paints and glues to role play, races and team building games! In fact, it’s easy to get carried away as you think up all sorts of activities to fill your lesson plans with. Just watch the little ones squeal with excitement when you introduce a new game!

Drawing a life size person for ‘body parts’ week.
Morning warm ups – Action nursery rhymes.
Team building races!

Being protective

With being a role model to so many children it’s inevitable that you will begin to feel a sense of protection over your student’s as you nurture and guide them through their journey of becoming tiny little characters. You want only the best for your student’s and during the academic year there will be those moments of beauty whereby you feel an overwhelming bond with those children.You will wish that their innocent souls are never exposed to the cruel and unfair happenings of the world outside those happy kindergarten gates. You will want for them everything you want for your own children.

Birthday wishes – May the world bring you nothing but happiness and success.


Being part of the teaching team.

Having the children’s best interests at heart means you already have common ground with your work colleagues. Working in such a fun and creative environment, you can’t help but have a good time with all those involved. Together you will share exciting new ideas as well as keeping the child in each and every one of you alive when class is out! You will have a new found respect for those colleagues who work day and night to help you get the classroom displays ready for your weekly lessons. Nothing is more rewarding than being appreciated and loving the team you work with!

Teaching is just that… ‘A Work of Heart’.

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