A Travel Inspired Nursery: A Personal Touch

I haven’t been very active over the last couple of weeks as my time has mainly been spent on all things baby and pregnancy related! Since my last post, we had the excitement of finding out we are expecting a baby boy, the stress of calling various child care centres to scout out those with a wait list under one year, attending antenatal appointments and booking antenatal classes! However, i did manage to squeeze in some craft time for the baby’s nursery.

The inspiration for my baby’s nursery is… wait for it… TRAVEL!! When i announced my pregnancy to friends on social media i gushed at how our greatest adventure was yet to begin. Although we are living in rented accommodation and i can’t go painting walls and drilling loads of holes, i intend to bring a baby-boy-friendly, subtle feeling of adventure to the room. I have chosen the obvious colour palette of white and blue and imagine a room filled with dreamy clouds, cutesy aeroplanes and lovable elephants! After all, elephants are one of the greatest animals in the world (in my opinion!).

My first little project was to create a world map print with the words ‘you are our greatest adventure’ to hang over the baby’s cot and keep as a special (yet rather large) keepsake as he grew older. I found the perfect sized print online with blue and purple tones that i could download and print for a small fee. I searched the shops for some 3D letters that would stand out and chose a frame from trusty old Kmart!

Finding the perfect letter placement.

Arranging the letters took some time and they didn’t fit quite how i originally wanted them to. However, once i strung them up with some blue string and stuck them down i was much happier! I placed a tiny red heart on the country of Australia as that is where our baby is going to be born…. that way, no matter where in the world we end up, he will never forget his Aussie homeland!

The finished product!

I will be sure to post a picture of the room when it’s finished and see if i was able to turn my vision into reality!


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