Do you have what it takes to date a girl with Wanderlust?

You’ve fallen in love with ‘that girl’ who loves to travel but, before you choose the path to a journey of a lifetime with her, here’s six things you need to know before dating a girl with Wanderlust.

That kind of love… where you would follow her anywhere.

She will never be impressed by your investment properties, bank balance or flash cars. Money and material things just won’t cut it. Nothing you can give her will compare to the experience of travel, unless of course you want to spend your money on seeing the world with her. She would rather a life full of memories than a life full of material ‘things’.

“Did you say Ferrari or Safari!?”

A first date to the cinema – really!? If you are going to win her over you are going to have to think up something a little more adventurous than the cinema or most traditional first date settings. Asking her to sit through a 2-hour movie will likely bore her to tears. No action-packed adventure film will quite compare to adventures she’s already had. If you manage to impress on the first few dates you should ask yourself are you going to be able to keep her interested from now on?

Down time, what’s that!? You need to keep up! Girls with Wanderlust won’t settle for a one-week, all-inclusive holiday in a fancy little beach resort. Be prepared for non-stop adventure, exploration and new cultures, early mornings, late nights, long-haul flights, overnight buses and a range of accommodation options! You can kiss goodbye to spending every weekend with your feet up watching the Sunday omnibus of soaps or match of the day too! The weekends are time for road trips, camping and city breaks.

You need to be flexible with your life plans. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Trying to pin down a Wanderluster to a marriage, mortgage and happy family might take some work or certainly some compromise. Those things are often put on the back burner whilst she follows her feet wherever they may take her.

Can you handle fierce independence? If you want a girl who fuels your ego and makes you feel like she depends on you, you are barking up the wrong tree! Girl’s with wanderlust come with a strong sense of self, and know exactly what they want. Although they don’t necessarily know where they are going, they certainly don’t need a man to help them get there and they are utterly fearless in that regards.

There will always be her ‘other’ love. Her love for travel will always be there, when her mind wonders to far away places and her dreams take her on new adventures, all whilst you lay in bed next to her. The longing and the yearning will never fade. Can you accept that you may always have ‘travel’ to contend with?

If you think you have what it takes to date a girl with Wanderlust then fasten your seatbelt guys, the ride of your life is about to begin!


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