Flashback to STA’s Travel Competition 2012!

2016-03-31 13.08.13
My fifteen minutes of internet fame!

Just today I came across a link to an STA Travel article written about a competition i won back in 2012.. no i wasn’t googling my own name, honestly!

I had won back the cost of my flights from the UK to Australia up to the value of 1,000 pounds! Sod’s law would have it that i had got a very good deal on a one way ticket!! Regardless, winning just over half of the prize money available was still a huge help to an in-debt traveler! It was such a shock, i never win anything! Except maybe a few lip glosses from a girl’s magazine when i was in my teens but that was nowhere near as exciting.

I had to have a little giggle that the only practical advice i could offer anyone planning a trip like mine was to take a travel towel! Firstly because it doesn’t seem like the most useful of advice and secondly because only a few weeks ago my partner was begging me to throw out the ever-mounting pile of travel towels in our laundry room. He hates the feel of them and likens them to a car shammy leather.  I just love them, they are perfect for shoving in the beach bag! If you don’t have one, you’re missing out!

I was also curious to read what my travel aspirations were all that time ago.

“I really want to go whale watching off the west coast of Australia and I’m dying to go see Ayers Rock. I also can’t wait to spend Christmas and New Year in Sydney – it’s such a great city!”

My response was very much Australia focused and i am pleased to know that i have managed to tick all of those activities off… except my whale watching experience was a very hungover one on the East-Coast of Australia instead of the West. I really must get back over that way some day! I’m also proud to say that, that “great city” has become my home.

My ending comment was cute though.

“I just hope to keep having fun with great company while seeing a bit of the world too!”

I can proudly say this is still very much the case!

Read the full story here!

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