5 Creative Ideas to Document Your Travels

As someone who constantly rambles about their travel adventures and would quite happily recite their travel stories to just about anyone who will listen, i know it’s important to have another outlet to document these incredible memories so as to not annoy the hell out of all your family and friends! Here are some creative ideas to keep re-living those moments.

Start a travel blog

This is the most obvious way to document your stories, creating an electronic log of all your memories. You can add photo’s, video’s and even receive comments and feedback about your experiences as you reminisce over those incredible moments. The best thing about it though, is those who are interested can read your blogs and those you aren’t you don’t need to worry about.

Create a travel video

If you have a gopro or even a digital camera and you are pretty handy with video editing software, you can create a special travel video to document your whole trip. You can combine a number of small video clips and/or digital picutres taken on your travels and bring them all together with music (if you wish) to re-live the adventure over and over. This is probably one of the most effective (yet technical) way to reconnect with those moments. You can share the video online and watch it at home with friends and family.

Create a scrapbook or photobook

With digital film and electronic tickets becoming the custom over the last decade, these keepsakes seem to be losing popularity. However, it is still possible to find items along your travels worthy of sticking in a scrapbook and printing your own prints is now easier than ever. There is something very therapeutic about cutting and sticking your photo’s and other items into a collage that creates a snapshot of your adventures. If you prefer a less amateur approach, plenty of online photo shops now offer the options to turn all of your uploaded photo’s into soft and hardback photo books, complete with captions and greetings that will showcase your adventures through glossy, professional looking pages.

Collect and display likewise souvenirs

For some people it’s fridge magenets, for others it might be key rings, or country flags. Why not collect an item from each country you visit and find a creative way to display them when you get home? For me it was pin badges that i display on a world map cork board. Perhaps you can create a collage of magnets on a magnetic board to hang in your room, sew your country flags on to your back pack or use them to create your own bunting to decorate a room.

‘Map’your travels.

This seems to be a favourite among travelers and there are more and more of these types of maps becoming available to buy. From scratch maps to cork board and pin board maps, there are plenty to chose from. Why not colour code the pins to places you have worked and places you have lived or places you have been and places you want to go!? Or, you could attach string from one pin to the next to completely map out a journey. These are a fun and decorative piece for your home that you can keeping adding to over time.

These are just some of the ideas i have had to document my travels, although i have never had the patience to attempt to capture and create a travel video, but i would love to hear your ideas too!

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