Gypsy: informal – a nomadic of free-spirited person

Tales for gypsies is a blog for all you free spirited people who love travel and adventure. If you’re a solo traveler, traveling as a couple or with your whole family and you’ve got gypsy blood then this site is for you!

I created Tales for Gypsies as a way to re-visit my last five years of travel adventures and bring my old dusty, hand-written diaries into the 21st century. However, before i had even really got started i found myself heading down the unexpected path towards motherhood! I am now using this blog as a way to share my adventures both new and old and show you that having a family shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world and chasing your dreams! Even if like me, you are juggling parenthood, full time work and the desire to see the world – where there’s a will there is a way!

I am a dreamer and a wanderer but i am also incredibly passionate about challenging the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Traveling and writing is therapeutic for me and i believe that travel doesn’t only take us from one place to another but to different mindsets too. Travel can challenge us, enlighten us and set us free.

Life is one big journey and regardless of what the end destination may be, I strive to make sure it was well worth the trip! I hope my stories, thoughts and advice will encourage anyone who is stuck at a crossroads in their life to embrace the journey, chase their dreams and venture out into the big wide world that awaits them, with or without children, in or out of work!

With love,

Kara x

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