An Expat Mum Without Her ‘Village’.

It's well known that being a single mum is tough and we often hear of the struggles these hard working women face but a lot of them will admit they rely on the support from their family and friends to help them raise their child, as do couples with children. I recently read a post by Constance … Continue reading An Expat Mum Without Her ‘Village’.

The life with a newborn I wasn’t prepared for….

Parents are full of advice for first time mum’s and feel it’s their duty to try and prepare you for what lies ahead. People quite often joked that my life as I knew it was over. Whilst my rational mind knew that wasn’t the case and things would just be different, it was the first few … Continue reading The life with a newborn I wasn’t prepared for….

‘The Bump’ and Detachment

The internet is full of blogs and advice on "10 ways to bond with your bump" and "tips for expectant mothers to love your bump". These tips involve everything from singing and talking to your bump, massaging your bump, playing music to your bump an so on. I've read forum after forum of expectant mother's … Continue reading ‘The Bump’ and Detachment

A letter to you, Dad.

Dear Dad, It’s been 13 long years since I last saw your face, since I waved goodbye to you in the back of that ambulance whilst my head nestled into mum’s protective embrace. The thing is Dad, It was like I always knew I was going to lose you. The day you and mum parted … Continue reading A letter to you, Dad.

To ‘Settle’ or Keep Going.

Isn't it funny how life has a way of working things out!? One day you can wake up and find yourself heading in a completely unexpected direction and something that was once never a priority can become the most important thing in the world.  I have recently had a clear out of my laptop and … Continue reading To ‘Settle’ or Keep Going.

Why travelling helped me to fall in love again.

When I boarded the plane to New Zealand all those years ago, I was leaving behind the bitterness and humiliation of a failed three and a half year relationship. A relationship that had yo-yoed back and forth for a further two years. The relationship had taken all my energy and self-worth and left me broken. … Continue reading Why travelling helped me to fall in love again.

Travel – My anti-depressant

Being the daughter of someone labelled a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’, being told I was ‘clinically depressed’ at 18, and working in the mental health field, I know all too well the struggles of living with mental health issues. The confusion, the misunderstanding, the fear and the utter hopelessness. Medication seems to be, all too often, the … Continue reading Travel – My anti-depressant