A Travel Inspired Nursery: Update!

Back in January i wrote a post titled' A Travel Inspired Nursery: A Personal Touch' all about my vision for my baby boy's nursery and i promised to update when it was finished. I had hoped to bring a "baby-boy-friendly, subtle feeling of adventure to the room". I had chosen the obvious colour palette of white … Continue reading A Travel Inspired Nursery: Update!


‘The Bump’ and Detachment

The internet is full of blogs and advice on "10 ways to bond with your bump" and "tips for expectant mothers to love your bump". These tips involve everything from singing and talking to your bump, massaging your bump, playing music to your bump an so on. I've read forum after forum of expectant mother's … Continue reading ‘The Bump’ and Detachment

A Travel Inspired Nursery: A Personal Touch

I haven't been very active over the last couple of weeks as my time has mainly been spent on all things baby and pregnancy related! Since my last post, we had the excitement of finding out we are expecting a baby boy, the stress of calling various child care centres to scout out those with a … Continue reading A Travel Inspired Nursery: A Personal Touch

Our Greatest Adventure Awaits…

On Sunday 26th September life as I knew it changed forever. I found out I was pregnant. As I stared down at the two red lines appearing on the pregnancy test on the bathroom side in disbelief I asked myself, “how is this happening, HOW THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS HAPPENING!?”. My body felt like … Continue reading Our Greatest Adventure Awaits…